Fishing area Majsjön

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Among Gislaved Municipality's 388 lakes there are 25 fishing areas which offer fishing for bass, pike, pikeperch and even a lot of other fish.

Majsjön's fishing area includes the lakes Majsjön, Saxesjön och Assbrunnen.
Fish species: perch, bream, pike, zander, roach, whitefish, eel, burbot, tench.
Fishing license: 50 SEK/day, 150 SEK/week, 200 SEK/month, 300 SEK/year, family 500 SEK/year, family 100 SEK/day.
Vendor of fishing license:
Gipro Fiske Gislaved 0371-142 40
Bengt Andersson Mångarebo 33291 Gislaved 0371-96017
Håkan Blomqvist Gäddås 33026 Burseryd 0371-92070
Svea Johansson Krabby 33026 Burseryd
Lennart Persson Bollbynäs 33291 Gislaved 0371-92086
Facilities: Bridge. Information board. Dustbins. Opportunity to fish from shore. Parking spaces.
No fishing adjacent to the fish farm (50m).
6 boats are availiable for rent, 50 SEK.

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