Reftele folk museum

Address: Ölmestadsvägen 28, 330 21 Reftele Show map

Address: Ölmestadsvägen 28, 330 21 Reftele

The folk museum is a small farmstead situated in arable land surrounded by pasture.

The farmstead consists of a small cottage, a barn and a forge. Outside the area is Ölmestad old school, now a schoolmuseum. Not far from the folk museum is Reftele old courtsession area, called Brödrahälla. There is also an old hostelry nearby. During the summerperiod you can by coffee and waffles here wendesday nights. For further information contact the Ölmestad museum at +46 (0)371235 50.

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About this activity

  • Phone number
    +46 0371
  • Mobile phone
    +46 204 53
  • Street address 1
    Ölmestadsvägen 28
  • City (address)
    330 21 Reftele
  • Opening hours
    In the summerperiod, Wendesday nights, coffee and waffels.