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Storgatan 11 B, 334 32 Anderstorp (Vis kort)
Fødevarer | Delicate pastries, cakes, sandwiches and much more ...
Bernts Konditori

Smålandiagatan 2, 332 30 Gislaved (Vis kort)
Mad og drikke | Burger King is one of the biggest fast food chains in Sweden. Here you can enjoy burgers, fries, soft drinks, ice cream and other desserts.
Burger King

Anderstorpsvägen 24, 33236 Gislaved (Vis kort)
Restauranter | In Carlsson's dining in Gislaved you can enjoy traditional Swedish food and good service in a convivial atmosphere. Our ambition is to be innovative but with a clear link to the old culinary traditions of Swedish dishes.
Carlssons matsalar

Köpmansgatan 6, 33230 Gislaved (Vis kort)
Welcome to Chili Thai and enjoy one of our thai dishes.
Chili Thai

Stinsgatan 1, 33230 Gislaved (Vis kort)
Bagerier | A cozy little cafe with outdoor seating. Situated at the City Square in Gislaved.

Gräfthultsvägen 3, 33233 Gislaved (Vis kort)
Mad og drikke | Gisle The grill not only serves hot dogs and hamburgers. Thay also have really good pizzas. Gisle The grill is located next to Okq8 in Gislaved.

Brogatan 8, 334 33 Anderstorp (Vis kort)
Lunch: Buffet spread of Asian dishes and traditional Swedish food, salad, drinks and coffee. Evening: Mongolian BBQ including dessert. A la carte and takeaway.
Golden Lion

Nissafors bruk, 330 27 Hetsra (Vis kort)
Kulinarisk | Welcome to Golfkrogen at Isaberg Golf Club. The clubhouse, with Golfkrogen on the first floor, is located in an incredibly beautiful works environment in connection to the golf course and next to the water.
Golfkrogen isaberg

Södra nissastigen 2, 333 32 smålandsstenar (Vis kort)
The historic cafe Göstas in Smålandsstenar is a really classic cafe that has existed since 1936 in the same location in Smålandsstenar.
Göstas Konditori

Hestraviken, 330 27 Hestra (Vis kort)
Mad og drikke | Here is a luxurious atmosphere almost as if You were visiting a beautiful home, where everything has it´s personal touch. Small charming diningrooms, lounges, bar and a veranda designed as a lovely consrevatory.

Norra Nissastigen 5, 33321 Smålandsstenar (Vis kort)
Jabers kitchen is a small family restaurant in Smålandsstenar. They serve lunch and in the evenings, they serve kebabs and burgers. Jaber's kitchen takes pride in serving good food to their customers.
Jaber's kök

Södra storgatan 7, 33233 Gislaved (Vis kort)
Bagerier | A steeped in tradition bakery right in Gislaved. Cafe Linnea promises quality and craftsmanship with solid knowledge and experience in that profession.
Konditori Linnéa

Ängsgatan 13, 33230 Gislaved (Vis kort)
Serves lunch, pizza and à la carte.

Malmgatan 20b, 33330 Smålandsstenar (Vis kort)
Serves lunch

Torggatan 2, 33232 Gislaved (Vis kort)
Mad og drikke | Hamburgers, kebab, hot dogs and fries. Ojojs is also open late during weekends
Ojojs gatukök

Brogatan 6D, 334 33 Anderstorp (Vis kort)
American (Traditional) Breakfast, Brunch, Delicatessen, Diners, Fast Food, Greek / Mediterranean, Italian, Pizza, Sandwiches, fried / grilled meat and vegetarian
Pizza House Anderstorp

Torggatan 8 C, 33232 Gislaved (Vis kort)
Barbeque, burgers, pizza and vegetarian
Pizzeria Campino

Anderstorpsvägen 1, 33236 Gislaved (Vis kort)
A pizzeria along road 27, also serves hamburgers
Pizzeria happy time

Storgatan 23, 33433 Anderstorp (Vis kort)
Good food creates happiness
Pizzeria Messina

Köpmangatan 18, 33230 Gislaved (Vis kort)
Serves pizza, kebab and salad. Serves also pizzas free of gluten.
Pizzeria Ole Dole Doff


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Gislaveds turistbyrå
Stortorget 2, Gislaved
+ (46) 371-806 00
Öppettider 29 maj - 31 aug
Mån-Fre: 10.00-18.00
Lör: 10.00-14.00