Torghuset Smålandsstenar

Torggatan 1, 333 30 Smålandsstenar (Vis kort)
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Kategori: Andet, Begivenheder

Torghuset in Smalåndsstenar is a popular place for people to come together. Something is happening every day. Everything from movies and concerts to lectures and wedding parties.

Here is dance for young and old, union meetings of all kinds, movies, small and large events ranging from local talent to world-class artists. On Torghuset we take good care of you and your wishes when it comes to arranging conferences, lectures, meetings, workshops and club meetings, concerts, parties, or whatever it may be. We provide facilities, personnel, the necessary technology and we also help you with the food if you wish. No event is too big or too small for Torghuset in Smålandsstenar. We are here for you and your ideas!


+46 0371-310 50


Nordic Travel, Smålands officiella arrangör, ansvarar för bokningen på sidan.


Gislaveds turistbyrå
Stortorget 2, Gislaved
+ (46) 371-806 00
Öppettider 29 maj - 31 aug
Mån-Fre: 10.00-18.00
Lör: 10.00-14.00