Trip with horse and carriage in Fållinge

Adresse: Fållinge Backen 3, 333 91 Smålandsstenar Vis kort

Adresse: Fållinge Backen 3, 333 91 Smålandsstenar

Experience scenic Fållinge outside Smålandsstenar by horse and carriage. Enjoy the relaxed pace and the sound of hooves on the ground.

I offer a relaxing trip by horse and carriage for about ten people, where we travel through small roads and narrow forest roads in beautiful surroundings.
I offer varied tours in different price ranges. There is both a shorter trip that is one hour long, but also two longer trips which are slightly more expensive. There is opportunity to stop and drink your coffee brought by yourself.
I own three North Swedish horses, and if you can ride there is the opportunity to do so.
Please book so that you will arrive 45 minutes before departure. Then you'll be at the preparations and feel the smell of the horses and get them ready for takeoff with brushing and put on the harness.

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  • Telefon (Reservation)
    +46 076-7623003
  • Mobilnummer
    +46 076-7623003
  • Gade
    Fållinge Backen 3
  • Postadresse
    333 91 Smålandsstenar
  • Email
  • Åbningstider
    Call for reservations. I drive all year round and in the winter we drive with a sled if there is enough snow. Week 28-31 and weekends you can call and book from 08:00. Weekdays, other weeks of the year, you can call and book after 17.00
  • Pricing
    Trip ca 1 hour: 595 SEK Trip ca 2,5 hours: 995 SEK Trip ca 4 hours: 1495 SEK
  • Specielle krav