The Öreryd camp

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At the beginning of the 1940s, Öreryd was a place of refuge for Norwegian members of the resistance. In all, the camp accepted more than 40,000 Norwegians. During the last years of the war, the camp became a military training ground for Norwegian police troops preparing to recapture Norway. Today there is a monument erected at the site of the camp.

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Hestraviken Hotel & Restaurant

Afstand: 8,6 km
Popular, traditional hotel in a lovely Småland setting, where the River Nissan flows into Lake Vikarsjön. Superb comfort, great hospitality and excellent food. Close to the excellent Isaberg golf course and Hestra alpine centre. Today the third generation of the Hellström family welcomes you.

Isaberg Mountain Resort – Camping

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Campingen ligger vid foten av Isabergstoppen. Nära till allt! Flera lekplatser, grillplatser och hela utbudet av aktiviteter.
Hoteller og pensionater

Hotell Nissastigen

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