Fishing area Hallasjön

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Among Gislaved Municipality's 388 lakes there are 25 fishing areas which offer fishing for bass, pike, pikeperch and even a lot of other fish.

Hallasjön's fishing area includes the lakes Hallasjön, Kosjön, Getalången, Stora Sävsjön, Stora Iglasjön, Lilla Iglasjön, Spånsjön och Tölen. In all lakes, there are plenty of bass but also pike, pikeperch, eel, roach and tench. Spin fishing and angling are most common.
Fishing license: 1 day 15 SEK, 1 Month 50 SEK, 1 year 175 SEK.
Vendor of fishing license:
Åke Claesson Eriksbo 33021 Reftele 0371-20535/0706023747
Dan Svensson Sipoo 33021 Reftele 0371-30993/0702934232
Dahn Josefsson Chip Torp 33021 Reftele 0371-20484/0705204870
Ove Larsson Vimmel Torp Nissa Hill 33393 Skeppshult 0371-21213
Lennart Johansson Vimmel Torp Hill 33393 Skeppshult 0371-21228
4 boats are available for rent. 15 SEK /day


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