Fishing area Hurven

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Among Gislaved Municipality's 388 lakes there are 25 fishing areas which offer fishing for bass, pike, pikeperch and even a lot of other fish.

Bass is a frequent fish in Hurven. The largest one caught weighted 1,4 KG. Spin fishing and angling are the most frequently in Hurven but there are also trolling and angel-fishing in the lake. During the winter season ice fishing and ice fishing often occurs.
Fish species: perch, bream, pike, roach, signal crayfish, whitefish, eel.
Fishing license: day license 40 SEK, weekly 80 SEK, annual 250 SEK.
Vendor of fishing license:
Börje Hamar, Hörebo Broaryd, 070-5130515
Gert Erik Eriksson, Finnanäs Fegen
Folke Ludvigsson, Tångebacka Broaryd, 070-6985275
Stefan Samuelsson, Lia Angsås, 0371-50913/070-6063585


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