Fishing area Fegen

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Among Gislaved Municipality's 388 lakes there are 25 fishing areas which offer fishing for bass, pike, pikeperch and even a lot of other fish.

Welcome to fish in beautiful Lake Fegen! Fegen is a nature reserve and therefore there are some special rules to take into consideration applying to speed, protection of birds and prohibition to disembark.
The lake Fegen is good perch fishing in summer time and during the winter it's good ice fishing for burbot. Visit for more information.
Fish species: perch, bream, pike, roach, whitefish, eel.
Fishing license: 1 day license 50 SEK, weekly 200 SEK, annual 500SEK. Children up to the age of 15 fish for free.
Vendor of fishing license:
Gipro Fiske Söndra Storgatan 9, 33223 Gislaved 0371-14240
Ronnies Bil o Motor Storgatan 13, 33026 Burseryd 0371-50669
Alvhaga Vildmark, Alvhaga 31062 Fegen 0346-61074/0705906415
Fegen Kiosken Uhlabovägen 1, 31062 Fegen 0346-61195
Camp Kalvsjön, Tommy Stensson. Skeppås, 51295 Håcksvik 0325-51258/0703844257
Opportunities to fish from shore.
Boat ramp available for use.


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