Fishing area Sävsjön and Storasjön

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Among Gislaved Municipality's 388 lakes there are 25 fishing areas which offer fishing for bass, pike, pikeperch and even a lot of other fish.

The fishing area Sävsjön and Storasjön includes the lakes Storasjön, Sävsjön, Hallasjön, Yxasjön, Arvidabosjön and Västerån which runs from Storasjön to Mörkebo power plants. Most common in the lakes is spinning and trolling.
Fish species: perch, bream, crayfish (Västerån), pike, zander, roach, rainbow trout, whitefish, eel, tench.
Fishing license: 1 dat 40 SEK, 1 week 80 SEK, 1 year 200 SEK, season 150 SEK. Children up to 16 fish free.
Vendor of fishing license:
Olle Bengtsson Kruvebo 33026 Burseryd 0371-52120
Stefan Hansen Yxebo 33026 Burseryd 0371-37051
Tony Holm Långhult 33026 Burseryd 0371-52166
Tore Haldesjö Lassabygget 33026 Burseryd 0371-52032
Leif Eriksson Hällabäck 33026 Burseryd
Boat ramp available. 5 boats for rent, 40 SEK. Opportunity to fish for wheelchairs are provided.


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