The daffodils in Fagerås

Adresse: Fagerås, 514 94 Sjötofta Vis kort

Adresse: Fagerås, 514 94 Sjötofta

In Fagerås over a million daffodils bloom in some 100 different varieties. The two most prominent are Golden Harvest and Ice Follies. Annually Arne is planting between 20,000 and 50,000 new bulbs.

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Om denne aktivitet

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    +46 0325-63011
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    +46 0325-70443
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    514 94 Sjötofta
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    Season reaches between April and May. Look at the homepage for information about the blooming. Guided tours, adapted for disabled, parking for buses, groups
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    Admission fee 50 SEK. All buses must be pre-booked.