Isaberg tree top adventure

Adresse: Stiftelsen isabergstoppen, 330 27 Hestra Vis kort

Adresse: Stiftelsen isabergstoppen, 330 27 Hestra

ISABERG Tree Top Adventure offers exciting and challenging adventure on the high level.
"Our high rope course is a combination of climbing, sport, play and adventure high above the ground. Overall, we give you 34 stations of up to 12 meters! ".

The track is an activity for those who want to have a memorable and adrenaline-filled experience for the family, bachelorette party, bachelor party, friends or business who want to do something fun together. On you, you have a safety harness with snap hooks that you secure yourself with throughout the course. Between each tree platform is a station, or a challenge. It may include balancing, rope bridges, breathtaking ziplines or cobwebs.

The tree top adventure consists of different paths from green (light) to red (severe). A physical and mental challenge for everyone from 8 years. A trained instructor instructs guest. Once you mastered the harness and carabiners in practice course they release you free on the tree top adventure for max 2h. Safety is obviously very important. Isaberg Tree Top Adventure opens 1 May 2013.

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Om denne aktivitet

  • Telefon
    +46 0370-33 93 16
  • Telefon (Reservation)
    +46 0370-33 93 16
  • Gade
    Stiftelsen isabergstoppen
  • Postadresse
    330 27 Hestra
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  • Åbningstider
    May (low season) Weekdays during May to reservation. Sat-Sun, red day drop-in times at. 09:30 pm. 11.30 pm. 13.30. To be sure of a place guests can always call and pre-book at these times. Opening hours during June, July and August will later on. Of course, it is nice to pre-book now for these months.
  • Pricing
    290 SEK for 12 years and over - all three courses (31 stations) 200 SEK for 8-12 years - two courses (not the hardest).
  • Alder
    Aldersbegrænsning 8