Gislaveds våtmark

Adresse: Gislaved Vis kort

Adresse: Gislaved

On the outskirts of Gislaved is an artificial wetland adjacent to the treatment plant. The area has become a very popular recreational area where there is a jogging track of nearly 3 kilometers right through the wetland. Besides athletes the area also attracts many birdwatchers.

The first time the idea came up to build a wetland was in the early 90's. An investigation was launched that would describe the impact the facility would have, and five years later the project idea was presented. The work started in late 2004 when parts were dug out of the bog where the water would be. The wetland is currently 18 hectares and holds nearly 200,000 cubic meters of water. The water depth ranges from 0.6 meters to 2.5 meters.

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