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Welcome to experience the Småland countryside up close. A walk on the hiking trail Gislavedsleden includes both stunning scenery and fascinating cultural environments.

Gislavedsleden is 85 kilometres long and extends from Kinnared in the south to Isaberg in the north. The trail passes through two nature reserves, Fegen and Isaberg, and goes through both deciduous and coniferous forests, along lakes and through small villages with fields and pastures. In the south the trail connects to Hallandsleden and in the north to Höglandsleden through Järnbärarleden. Gislavedsleden is thus part of a chain of hiking trails along the so-called Europaled 6 from Alexandroupolis in Greece to Kilpisjärvi in ​​Finland. The hiking trail is marked with orange markings and along the trail there are camps with shelter. Gislavedsleden is being refurbished in 2013 and a re-opening is planned in spring 2014. In the meantime, there is a makeshift map to download.

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