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Adresse: bruksgatan 1, 333 93 Skeppshult Vis kort

Adresse: bruksgatan 1, 333 93 Skeppshult

Visit our factory store in Skeppshult where you will find a great variety of household and interior design products. Most of the products we sell are second assortment enabling us to offer great discount prices to our customers.

You will here find what you will not find in ordinary stores. We do also sell Kisag gas burners and assorted accessories as well as stainless steel cooking utensils from G.R.Y.M, our own brand.

Outlet in Skeppshult
The store is adjacent to the foundry in the town of Skeppshult just south of Smålandsstenar. Highway 26 between Halmstad and Jönköping is passing through just outside the entrance of the shop.

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    +46 0371-36 500
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    +46 0371-36 500
  • Gade
    bruksgatan 1
  • Postadresse
    333 93 Skeppshult
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    mon-fri kl 09:00-18:00 sat-sun kl 10:00-16:00