Värö Nature Reserve

Adresse: 330 27 Hestra Vis kort

Adresse: 330 27 Hestra

Värö is a small island in Lake Algustorpasjön near nature reserve Ettö. Nature at Ettö and Värö differ much from each other. Ettö has an open and lush landscape and Värö is more closed and harsh.

On Värö the Småland forests are concentrated in a small area. Despite its small size it contains both pure spruce and pine forests as well as mixed forests and deciduous forests. The island was built of stone and gravel during the great ice sheet for 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. In the south there is a mighty pine forest with high 100-year old trees. Through plantation foreign species has been introduced in some places. The island is quite hilly with steep ridges and slopes quite steeply into Algutsatorpsjön. Linnean is the province flower of Småland and grows on the northern part of Värö. Värö nature reserve was established in 1979. The area is about 5.5 ha. It is located along Highway 26 (Nissastigen) near Hestra. You reach Värö by rowing boat. Boats are available for rent on Isabergs fritidsby.

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