Villstad village Nature Reserve

Adresse: Villstad, 333 91 Smålandsstenar Vis kort

Adresse: Villstad, 333 91 Smålandsstenar

Villstad village is located east of Nissan, about 5 km north of Smålandsstenar in the southern part of the municipality. In addition to a very beautiful nature are also several interesting buildings and remnants from different times. The area contains a number of Iron Age burial grounds.

The church was built in the 18th Century. The north wall contains remains of the 1100-century church that was built in the Romanesque style. In the area is also church stables from the 1850s in which churchgoers put their horses during the service. Other interesting and beautiful buildings are the large red rectory and two schoolhouses, one from 1847 and one from 1925.

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