Draven Nature Reserve

Adresse: Väcklinge, 330 21 Reftele Vis kort

Adresse: Väcklinge, 330 21 Reftele

Draven Nature Reserve is located about 10 km north of Sunnaryds ferry berth by Lake Bolmen and is one of Sweden's most interesting bird areas.

The lake has been restored to regain its character of floodplain lake with floods in the old cultural landscape. It is now an important nesting site for a wide range of birds, mainly ducks and waders. Among the most famous is the whooper swan, which began nesting here already 1958. Other species seen at Draven is crane, greylag goose, redshank and others. At the lake there are two observation towers which makes it easier for bird watchers. If you want to walk around all or part of the lake there is a trail.

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