Ettö Nature Reserve

Adresse: Ettö, 33027 Hestra Vis kort

Adresse: Ettö, 33027 Hestra

Nissan runs through soft soil layers that can easily be undermined. Therefore, the river's appearance and race constantly change. It is through these changes Nissan created the scenery at Ettö.

Ettösjön and Svartviken are two bays which now has standing water but previously were parts of the flowing river. Ettö has an open and fertile delta landscape with meadows and beaches. Most of the reserve consists of open meadow with birch trees and junipers. The area west of Svartvik, however, consists of mixed coniferous forest. Along Nissan is alder and cherry, in the far north hints of pine and spruce. The area is flooded almost every spring, when Nissan washes up nutrient-rich water over the nutrient-poor sandy soil. The whole area os grazed which results in an interesting and rich flora. The meadows are also kept open by mowing and clearing. Ettö Nature Reserve was established in 1970. The area is about 15 hectares. It is located along Highway 26 (Nissastigen) near Hestra. Parking is just north of the reserve.

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