Isaberg moose park

Adresse: Isaberg fritidsby, 330 27 Hestra Vis kort

Adresse: Isaberg fritidsby, 330 27 Hestra

On the animals' terms

Isaberg Moose Park is a moose park that is based on the animals' needs. We want the moose to live on their own terms and not to become tame.

Our moose enclosure covers 6 hectares, which makes it possible for the moose to find their own food. The streams have clean water and there is a pond for the moose to bathe in. From the spring of 2010 there will be at least three moose in the enclosure. Our guide will tell you stories and facts about the moose.

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    +46 0370-33 93 00
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    +46 0370-33 93 00
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    Isaberg fritidsby
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    330 27 Hestra
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  • Pricing
    Tickets available at reception.

 Hiking around the enclosure, unguided: SEK 70 per person. Children under one metre in height: Free admission. Specially booked guided tours: SEK 150 per person.
 Approx. one hour. Minimum of four people.

 Entrance fee goes towards feeding/care of moose, moose enclosures and trails. Tickets should be visible at all times. Failure to show a valid ticket on inspection will result in a fine of SEK 100 (in addition to entrance fee).

 Special prices apply for groups, please contact us for more information.
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